Design Capabilities

We allocate an average of 2% to 3% of our annual sales to research and development.

The Technology Centre is equipped with highly qualified product engineering teams who develop products and processes to meet the changing needs of the automotive industry and to cater to requests of clients wanting to conquer new markets and surmount technological challenges.

  • Development done in computerised environment on AUTOCAD.
  • Qualified team of engineers to undertake most complex development tasks.
  • Reverse engineering done for samples provided by customers.

Indigenous Technology

Apart from importing critical machines, we have a completely modern machine building set up, where we develop and upgrade our existing processes and technologies. We undertake major in-house re-building of machines and mount automated fixtures to achieve greater accuracies in production process, resulting in RIGHT PRODUCT-EVERY TIME.

Our endeavor to succeed in the changing requirements of our customers in most competitive and dynamically changing Business scenario, has led us to work closely with them for constant product development and it is our ability to adapt ourselves to offer them the right solutions in products with changes demanded by them. We believe that technology is absorbed over a period of time and it cannot be just bought. It has to be developed with experience and skills


Our R&D team works on creation of concepts and products through a direct exchange of views and experience amongst themselves and with our customers to meet the requirements of the future for supreme technologies in ecology and economy.

In all these development processes, innovative design and manufacturing techniques are continually implemented to deliver state-of-the-art new parts every time.

From conceptual development of a single component through detailed drawings of the complete system, we can provide specific manufacturing solutions for OEMs and suppliers.

Clarity in vision and innovative thinking provides superior product definition prior to manufacturing, which nearly eliminates post-manufacturing changes and rework. The whole process leads to cost savings, speed, efficiency and accountability for a reliable partner for future.

Tooling Development

  • Fully integrated tool room equipped with Milling Machines, Turning Center’s, Grinding Machines with heat treatment facility.
  • Development of most complex jigs and fixtures done in-house to support efficient and fast product development.